Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Part 3 of Many

I have a serious issue with jewelry storage. I tend to buy things that I think I need, but it turns out I already have something similar. For instance, for 3 months, I kept buying pieces of gold jewelry because I thought that I didn't have enough. Maybe the reason was that all my jewelry was in 60 different places (earrings on the coffee table, necklaces on the dresser, rings on the nightstand, etc). I have tried and tried to get my jewelry issue under control buying things like this:
But, nothing fits in those neat little pouches. And, why try to fit it in there when I can just throw it on the dresser? Did I mention I am a complete slack ass when it comes to putting stuff away?

So, I saw this idea on one of the many blogs I follow (Can't remember which one!). I bought a piece of $5 peg board from Home Depot, and I bought a bunch of cheap hardware sets from Target.

I spray painted the board a turquoise for funsies.

Then, I took an inventory of my jewelry to figure out how to lay out the hardware (Seriously, how many long necklaces can one have?!?). The only issue was I had to buy shorter screws because the ones that came with the hardware were too long.

For all the items that don't have a spot (i.e. stud earrings, rings), I bought a plastic ice tray that I keep in my closet to chunk them into.

For now, my jewelry issue has been solved in a very stylish addition to my closet.



  1. Wow!Very good idea!Have to figure out a way to solve those Cheap Fashion jewelry.You have given me inspiration. Ha ha!

  2. What are the white things you used instead of pegs?